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Since 1988, with the publication of our first book, Lou: Winning at Illinois, Sports Publishing has been on a mission. Our mission is to be your ultimate source for sports books. In the last few years, Sports Publishing has expanded to cover every part of the country, and since 1998 sportspublishingllc.com has given Sports Publishing a presence on the world wide web. Currently, we have published more than 800 different sports titles and have several hundred more under contract for the future. We cover college and pro sports like no other company.

Sports Publishing has become the premier publisher of “Championship” books for both professional and college sports. You never know in advance who will win the championships, but you can always count on Sports Publishing to have the game and season covered. Sports Publishing has also released many books that include CDs, DVDs, and even CDRoms.

At Sports Publishing, we are very thankful for the relationships that we have developed in the last few years. With your help, Sports Publishing recently became the #1 fastest growing independent publisher in the country (Publisher’s Weekly). Thank you for your contributions to our success. We look forward to working together in the future as Sports Publishing pursues its goal of becoming the ESPN of sports books.

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