Why is Wrestling So Popular?

Sports come and go, but some stay at the top of their game, or rather, at the top of a list of most popular sports. Not all sports remain as popular as we would like them to be. Football has almost never been unpopular, at least since the second half of the 20th century, up until today. Everyone watches football and this love has created multiple industries around football, so that nowadays, many online sportsbooks offer various promo codes, like sportingbet promo code to make the whole experience even more fun for the viewers, and much more. 

Some sports are still popular, even though some people would hesitate to call them sports. Wrestling is often a topic of controversy, though mostly because people bicker over it not being real. Regardless, it is popular and here are some reasons why.

We Love Entertainment

This is the gist of it. Whether TV shows, movies, music or anything else, we love entertainment. Wrestling could fall under the category of sports entertainment, where there is a competition, but it is not actually a competition, because fights are staged and everything is scripted. This is not a sports tournament, but an entertaining show, with lots of violence and drama.

Wrestling is entertainment as we want it to see, which would be very difficult to experience if it were to be an organic tournament. Most of the moves wouldn’t work and the entertainment value would instantly drop. Staged as it is, wrestling is a perfect combination of athleticism and entertainment.


We all like a good plot twist. Wrestling has plenty of those. The whole point is that characters can change sides at any moment in time. Likewise, characters are prone to getting betrayed or shifting their viewpoints. Tag team matches are interesting, particularly the ones where your tag team partner joins in during a regular one vs one match.

The writers behind wrestling might not win any prestigious writing prize, but they definitely do a great job of making wrestling not only relevant but still interesting and enjoyable for millions of fans worldwide. Wrestling is not just the WWE, one of the most popular organizations in the world, but also many other organizations, which operate in different parts of the world.


Like most events that include sports and athleticism, wrestling does not take itself lightly. The athletes are top trained and everyone tries their hardest to make the show not only entertaining from a perspective of drama and personalities, but also from the perspective of sports.

Athletes are often very muscular and either tall or athletic in a gymnastic way. They will perform all sorts of throws and moves which are beyond dangerous when done seriously. Try not to replicate them for your own safety. Professional athletes perform these moves, without actually trying to harm one another. 


Most people have watched wrestling since the early 70s and 80s, the inception of popular wrestling. There are many personalities which are to this day memorable, who have competed in the earliest days of wrestling. With a rich history, wrestling is still very interesting, particularly because it can serve as a platform for talented actors to surface. 

Wrestling is a very interesting choice of entertainment combined with athleticism and drama. It is popular because it is fun to watch, and most people don’t mind a muscular body.